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Recreational Access Management Planning: Understanding Perceptions Regarding Public Forest Lands in SW Alberta
Opening up textbooks and students’ reading habits
Encouraging CS Novices to Write
4PEG: A Structured Rating System for Games for Learning
The effects of superimposed tilt and lower body negative pressure on anterior and posterior cerebral circulations
Iterations in Education: Improving User Experience and Education Through Co-Authoring a Widely Used Textbook in Anatomy and Physiology
Population genetic structure of gray wolves (canis lupus) in a marine archipelago suggests island-mainland differentiation consistent with dietary niche
Hunting exacerbates the response to human disturbance in large herbivores while migrating through a road network
Thresholds of skin sensitivity are partially influenced by mechanical properties of the skin on the foot sole
Prospective: A Data-Driven Technique to Predict Web Service Response Time Percentiles
On wide sense stationary processes over finite non-abelian groups
Asynchronous polygyny in the house wren (troglodytes aedon)
Spatial Data Collection for Citizen Science: Developing Collector applications with ArcGIS.  Manual and Tutorials
Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE) State of Research: 2000-2015
Gene Rummy: A Card Game About Mendelian Genetics
Both 50 and 30 Hz continuous theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation depresses the cerebellum
Transforming the sage on the stage into a guide on the side
Neurovascular Coupling Remains Intact During Incremental Ascent to High Altitude (4240 m) in Acclimatized Healthy Volunteers
Studying Commercial Games: Justifying Choices
Nestling and Egg Destruction by House Wrens