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Thresholds of skin sensitivity are partially influenced by mechanical properties of the skin on the foot sole
Information behaviour of undergraduate students using Facebook Confessions for educational purposes
Lost and Finding: Experiences of Newly Graduated Critical Social Workers
Prospective: A Data-Driven Technique to Predict Web Service Response Time Percentiles
Supporting Public Health Nurses with Breastfeeding Interventions for Late Preterm Infants
Transdisciplinary or Pedagogically Distinct? Disciplinary Considerations for Teaching Certificates in Higher Education
On wide sense stationary processes over finite non-abelian groups
Mechanical impacts analysis in judoists body of different weight categories
Taking the Quantum Leap: Arts-Based Learning as a Gateway into Exploring Transition for Senior Nursing Students
Tilling the garden of joy/sorrow: A poetic inquiry into the rhizomatic complexities of growing into and through collective spaces
The Representation of Library Value in Extra-Institutional Evaluations of University Quality
The Search for Meaningful e-Learning at Canadian Universities: A Multi-Institutional Research Study
Evidence Summary: PubMed is Slightly More Sensitive but More Time Intensive to Search than Ovid  MEDLINE
Evidence Summary: High School Students Struggle to Find School-Related Information on the Web
Embeddedness Creates Opportunities for Enhanced Library Liaison Services and Relationships [Evidence Summary]
‘It would be much easier if we were just quiet and disappeared’: Parents silenced in the experience of caring for children with rare diseases
It was like a mirror : a reflection on filmed role play simulation
Asynchronous polygyny in the house wren (troglodytes aedon)
Editors View the Continuous Publication Model as a Satisfactory Alternative for Open Access LIS Journals [Evidence Summary]
Spatial Data Collection for Citizen Science: Developing Collector applications with ArcGIS.  Manual and Tutorials