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Nestling and Egg Destruction by House Wrens
On The Pedagogy of Commercial Video Games
A Reading-Writing Assignment Based on Popular Literature To Enhance Learning about Microbiology
Cutaneous Mechanoreceptor Feedback from the Hand and Foot Can Modulate Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity
Transforming failure from a foe into a friend
Change Prerequisite and its Impact on Nursing Statistics Course
Gamifying the Classroom: Pros and Cons
Citizen, science, highways, and wildlife: Using a web-based GIS to engage citizens in collecting wildlife information
Governance challenges for wildland preservation in Canada and Mexico
Cattle and carnivore coexistence in Alberta: The role of compensation programs
An Apparent Case of Between-Brood Sibling Competition in Chestnut-collared Longspurs, Calcarius ornatus
Cutaneous sensitivity in unilateral trans-tibial amputees
The firing characteristics of foot sole cutaneous mechanoreceptor afferents in response to vibration stimuli
Topics and tools in the introductory computer science curriculum
The Pedagogy of Commercial Video Games
Thresholds of cutaneous afferents related to perceptual threshold across the human foot sole
Forging a successful graduate
Games for learning : are schools ready for what's to come?
Selection Criteria for Using Commercial Off the Shelf Games (COTS) for Learning
Cutting Edge Research by Undergraduates on a Shoestring?