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Openly Obsessed: Open Educational Resources Policy in Western Canada & Conceptualizing Openness in Higher Education
Dog-bites, rabies and One Health: Towards a coordinated agenda for research, policy and practice
Building Bridges from the Decoding Interview to Teaching Practice
Using the Decoding the Disciplines Framework for Learning Across the Disciplines
Uncovering Ways of Thinking, Practicing, and Being through Decoding across Disciplines
Learning from Decoding across Disciplines and within Communities of Practice
Supporting Public Health Nurses with Breastfeeding Interventions for Late Preterm Infants
The Representation of Library Value in Extra-Institutional Evaluations of University Quality
Embeddedness Creates Opportunities for Enhanced Library Liaison Services and Relationships [Evidence Summary]
Open Enough? Choices and Consequences When Transitioning From Closed to Open Resources and Courses
Survival Analysis of Canadian Oil and Gas Firms
Motor unit firing frequency of lower limb muscles during an incremental slide board skating test
Media's Impact on Campus Rape Culture
Intuitions and Instincts: Considerations for Decoding Disciplinary Identities
Validation of a maximal incremental skating test performed on a slide board: comparison with treadmill skating
Early career researchers demand full-text and rely on Google to find scholarly sources [Evidence Summary]
Availability and Accessibility of Community Based Services for Family Violence Victims: A Comparative Case Study of Trochu, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta
Understanding Atrocities: Remembering, Representing and Teaching Genocide
Impact of Decoding Work within a Professional Program