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A microprogramming simulator for instructional use.
A sustainable approach to boosting liquid biofuels production from second generation biomass resources in West Africa
Teaching with games: the Minesweeper and Asteroids experience.
Cutaneous afferent innervation of the human foot sole: What can we learn from single unit recordings?
Battle of the Titans: Mario vs. MathBlaster
A Psycho-Cultural Approach to Video Games
Are you game? : the future of learning with technology
Video Game Pedagogy: Good Games = Good Pedagogy
Physiological and cognitive measures during prolonged sitting: Comparisons between a standard and multi-axial office chair
Identification of bird collision hotspots along transmission power lines in Alberta: an expert-based geographic information system (GIS) approach
A linear assignment based conceptual lifecycle assessment method for selecting optimal agri-industrial materials production pathway
Teaching Teachers about Serious Games
The Missing Link: A Methodology for Analyzing Design through Behaviour in Games
Portrayal of interactions between humans and coyotes (Canis latrans): content analysis of Canadian print media (1998-2010)