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Evidence Summary: Enhanced Catalogue Records Positively Impact Circulation but Are Not Used to Their Potential in Patron Searching
Self-recognition, theory-of-mind, and self-awareness: What side are you on?
Mental Health Research and Cultural Dominance: An Analysis of the Social Construction of Knowledge for International Development
Open Access Complements Interlibrary Loan Services, but Additional User Education is Needed [Evidence Summary]
Integrating Global Citizenship through Local Teaching Practices
Exploring value as a dimension of professional information literacy
Supporting Indigenous Studies Programs Through Sustainable Budget Allocation
Breastfeeding the late preterm infant: Experiences of mothers and perceptions of public health nurses
“On behalf of the great mass of the public”: The Citizens’ Committee of 1,000, Constituted Authority, and the Capitalist State in the Winnipeg General Strike
The effects of increased midsole bending stiffness of sports shoes on muscle-tendon unit shortening and shortening velocity
Changes in Achilles tendon stiffness and energy cost following a prolonged run in trained distance runners
Interfering factors in the impact magnitudes during jump throw landing in handball
Running economy from a muscle energetics perspective
Energy cost of running and Achilles tendon stiffness in man and woman trained runners
Procedures of rat in situ skeletal muscle contractile properties
Dietary Intakes and Supplement Use in Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Canadian Athletes
Critical reading in higher education: Academic goals and social engagement
Simulation in Social Work: Creativity of Students and Faculty during COVID-19
Increasing the midsole bending stiffness of shoes alters gastrocnemius medialis muscle function during running
Can changes in midsole bending stiffness of shoes affect the onset of joint work redistribution during a prolonged run?