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Human Rights Software: Information Support Solutions For Social Justice
Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2015-16 Annual Report
Unconventional classrooms, unconventional methods:  Conducting scholarship of teaching and learning research in places you don't expect
They've found it.  Can they read it?  Adding academic reading strategies to your IL toolkit.
Opening up textbooks and students’ reading habits
Finding the right pieces for your Info Puzzle
Preparing Students to Learn Across the Disciplines: Pedagogical Interventions in Community-Service Learning
The Mere Presence of a Cell Phone and Academic Ability
Undergraduate Perceptions of Social Media and Meaning Making: Validated Survey Instrument
Sexual Assault in Alberta
Assignments that Meet the Needs of Exceptional Students without Disadvantaging the Average
Studying Commercial Games: Justifying Choices
Reading Through Connections: A phenomenographic study of student connections to scholarly text.
Portrayal of interactions between humans and coyotes (Canis latrans): content analysis of Canadian print media (1998-2010)
SoTL difference: The value of incorporating SoTL into librarian professional development
Transforming failure from a foe into a friend
Topics and tools in the introductory computer science curriculum
Research as transformational experience
First principles of CS instruction