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Nestling and Egg Destruction by House Wrens
Asynchronous polygyny in the house wren (troglodytes aedon)
An Apparent Case of Between-Brood Sibling Competition in Chestnut-collared Longspurs, Calcarius ornatus
Teaching with games: the Minesweeper and Asteroids experience.
Citizen, science, highways, and wildlife: Using a web-based GIS to engage citizens in collecting wildlife information
Governance challenges for wildland preservation in Canada and Mexico
Studying Commercial Games: Justifying Choices
Identification of bird collision hotspots along transmission power lines in Alberta: an expert-based geographic information system (GIS) approach
Portrayal of interactions between humans and coyotes (Canis latrans): content analysis of Canadian print media (1998-2010)
Population genetic structure of gray wolves (canis lupus) in a marine archipelago suggests island-mainland differentiation consistent with dietary niche
Gene Rummy: A Card Game About Mendelian Genetics
Recreational Access Management Planning: Understanding Perceptions Regarding Public Forest Lands in SW Alberta
4PEG: A Structured Rating System for Games for Learning
Thresholds of skin sensitivity are partially influenced by mechanical properties of the skin on the foot sole
Thresholds of cutaneous afferents related to perceptual threshold across the human foot sole
The effects of superimposed tilt and lower body negative pressure on anterior and posterior cerebral circulations
Iterations in Education: Improving User Experience and Education Through Co-Authoring a Widely Used Textbook in Anatomy and Physiology
Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE) State of Research: 2000-2015
Cutaneous Mechanoreceptor Feedback from the Hand and Foot Can Modulate Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity
Hunting exacerbates the response to human disturbance in large herbivores while migrating through a road network