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Social isolation and exclusion: the parents' experience of caring for children with rare neurodevelopmental disorders
Measuring the Effectiveness of Visual Narrative Illustrations for Learning Pathophysiology Concepts
Critical skating intensity on a slide board: physiological and neuromuscular responses and correlation with performance on ice
Understanding Belonging and Community Connection for Seniors Living in the Suburbs.
Development of a questionnaire to assess dietary restrictions runners use to mitigate gastrointestinal symptoms
‘It would be much easier if we were just quiet and disappeared’: Parents silenced in the experience of caring for children with rare diseases
Lost and Finding: Experiences of Newly Graduated Critical Social Workers
Caring for late preterm infants: public health nurses' experiences
Oxygen Uptake and Muscle Deoxygenation Kinetics During Skating: Comparison Between Slide-Board and Treadmill Skating
“A Two Glass of Wine Shift”: Dominant Discourses and the Social Organization of Nurses’ Substance Use
Tilling the garden of joy/sorrow: A poetic inquiry into the rhizomatic complexities of growing into and through collective spaces
Becoming a Nurse: Student Experience of Transformation and Professional Identity - Devenir infirmière : l’expérience de transformation et l’identité professionnelle des étudiantes
Supporting Public Health Nurses with Breastfeeding Interventions for Late Preterm Infants
Breastfeeding the late preterm infant: Experiences of mothers and perceptions of public health nurses
Validation of a maximal incremental skating test performed on a slide board: comparison with treadmill skating
Motor unit firing frequency of lower limb muscles during an incremental slide board skating test
Nature Teaches Us to Grieve: The place of parks and nature at end of life
Taking the Quantum Leap: Arts-Based Learning as a Gateway into Exploring Transition for Senior Nursing Students
“Seniors in the Suburbs”: Understanding belonging & community connection - together!
Functional Physical Literacy for Child and Youth Recreation Programming: A Community Response to the 2015 Canadian Recreation Framework