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Opening up textbooks and students’ reading habits
Assignments that Meet the Needs of Exceptional Students without Disadvantaging the Average
Studying Commercial Games: Justifying Choices
Portrayal of interactions between humans and coyotes (Canis latrans): content analysis of Canadian print media (1998-2010)
Transforming failure from a foe into a friend
Topics and tools in the introductory computer science curriculum
First principles of CS instruction
Serious Games + Computer Science = Serious CS
Reconciling a Traditional Syllabus with an Inquiry-Based Introductory Course
Play is the Beginning of Knowledge
How Are Games Educational? Learning Theories Embodied in Games
Pedagogy in Commercial Video Games
Practical gamification
Grading Programming Assignments Using Rubrics
Teaching with Games, Once Removed
Technical Aspects of a System for Teaching Aboriginal Languages Using a Game Boy Future Play
The Missing Link: A Methodology for Analyzing Design through Behaviour in Games
Games for encapsulation and promotion of Native Cultures, or, Technical aspects of a system for teaching Aboriginal Languages using a Game Boy
Gamifying an M.Ed. Course: A Post-Mortem
Teaching Teachers about Serious Games