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“The deportation of the Hindus from British Columbia will be a blessing to all concerned.”: Intersections of class and race in the British Honduras Scheme.
“On behalf of the great mass of the public”: The Citizens’ Committee of 1,000, Constituted Authority, and the Capitalist State in the Winnipeg General Strike
Variation in the efficacy of remote cameras used to monitor wildlife
The Unconstitutionality of Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Indigenous Offenders
Sex Work in Canada: Examining Legal, Moral, and Theoretical Perspectives on the Issues
A Review of Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
Program & Abstracts, 6th Annual Research Day (2019)
Program & Abstracts, 5th Annual Research Day (2018)
Policing Violence: Royal and Community Perspectives in Medieval France
Perceived Accessibility in City of Calgary Recreation Facilities: A Comparison Between People With and Without Accessibility Needs
The Notion Of Criminal Intent: The Evolution Of Mens Rea In Criminal Law
No Return Ticket: CBSA Deportation in Canada
"No Justice, No Peace": Institutional Culture of Policing & Effects on Minority Groups in Canada
Mr. Big Police Investigations: The Interrogation Trilogy and Charter Implications
The Mere Presence of a Cell Phone and Academic Ability
Media's Impact on Campus Rape Culture
A Jurisprudential Analysis of the Canadian Defence of Voluntary Intoxication
The Interpretation of Assisted Death Under Section Seven of the Canadian Charter
The Interpretation and Evolution of Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Indispensable Sentencing Tool or Inconsistent Sentencing Technique?