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Perceived stress may mediate the relationship between antenatal depressive symptoms and preterm birth
A lesson for the future: will you let me violate your privacy to save your life?
An agriprecision decision support system for weed management in pastures
Self-talk: research challenges and opportunities
Digital citizenship and the big five personality traits
Oral inflammatory load predicts vascular function in a young adult population: a pilot study
The role of vitamin D in neuroprotection in multiple sclerosis: an update
A systematic review of applications of machine learning and other soft computing techniques for the diagnosis of tropical diseases
Modelling differential diagnosis of febrile diseases with fuzzy cognitive map
It was like a mirror : a reflection on filmed role play simulation
Conceptualizing and communicating SoTL : a framework for the field
The mechanical efficiency of the o soto gari technique when applied to judokas of different heights
Tilling the garden of joy/sorrow: A poetic inquiry into the rhizomatic complexities of growing into and through collective spaces
Social isolation and exclusion: the parents' experience of caring for children with rare neurodevelopmental disorders
The Representation of Library Value in Extra-Institutional Evaluations of University Quality
LIS Periodicals Contain a Low Percentage of Articles that Qualify as Research [Evidence Summary]
LIS Practitioner-focused Research Trends Toward Open Access Journals, Academic-focused Research Toward Traditional Journals [Evidence Summary]
Mixed methods research in library and information science: A methodological review
A Reading-Writing Assignment Based on Popular Literature To Enhance Learning about Microbiology
Asynchronous polygyny in the house wren (troglodytes aedon)