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4PEG: A Structured Rating System for Games for Learning
5 ways to keep human connections when moving learning online due to coronavirus
"A Real Double-Edged Sword:" Undergraduate Perceptions of Social Media in their Learning
An Apparent Case of Between-Brood Sibling Competition in Chestnut-collared Longspurs, Calcarius ornatus
Are Adult Educators and Learners ‘Digital Immigrants’? Examining the Evidence and Impacts for Continuing Education
Asynchronous polygyny in the house wren (troglodytes aedon)
Becoming a Nurse: Student Experience of Transformation and Professional Identity - Devenir infirmière : l’expérience de transformation et l’identité professionnelle des étudiantes
Blood glucose concentration is unchanged during exposure to acute normobaric hypoxia in healthy humans
Book Review - The Culture of Digital Scholarship
Book smarts vs street smarts : do business schools value business experience?
Both 50 and 30 Hz continuous theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation depresses the cerebellum
Breastfeeding the late preterm infant: Experiences of mothers and perceptions of public health nurses
Can changes in midsole bending stiffness of shoes affect the onset of joint work redistribution during a prolonged run?
Caring for late preterm infants: public health nurses' experiences
Case study analysis of reflective essays by chemistry post-secondary students within a lab-based community service learning water project
Cattle and carnivore coexistence in Alberta: The role of compensation programs
Changes in Achilles tendon stiffness and energy cost following a prolonged run in trained distance runners
The Changing Research Data Landscape and the Experiences of Ethics Review Board Chairs: Implications for Library Practice and Partnerships
Citizen, science, highways, and wildlife: Using a web-based GIS to engage citizens in collecting wildlife information
The Clark-Kozma Debate in the 21-st Century