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The Mere Presence of a Cell Phone and Academic Ability
Media's Impact on Campus Rape Culture
A Review of Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
A Historical Analysis of the Substantive Principles of Fundamental Justice under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Examining the Outcomes of Sport Specialization for Individual Athletes and the Industry
No Return Ticket: CBSA Deportation in Canada
The Constitutionality of Mandatory Alcohol Screening in Canada
Hollow Water, Manitoba: An Explanatory Case Study of the Area, its Community, and the Holistic Circle Healing Program
A Case of Seduction: Sexual Violence and the Law in Southern Alberta, 1922
Policing Violence: Royal and Community Perspectives in Medieval France
Healing Lodges: A Strong Predictor Of Success In Canada & Recommendations Moving Forward
Availability and Accessibility of Community Based Services for Family Violence Victims: A Comparative Case Study of Trochu, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta
Adolescents in Sports: the All-Delinquent Team
Gender and the Practice of Law in Canada
Sex Work in Canada: Examining Legal, Moral, and Theoretical Perspectives on the Issues
Dark Net Markets: White House Market Drug Trades
The Development of the Higher Education Relationship Marketing Model
A Critical Assessment of Mr. Big Operations by Canada's Police
Does A Recession Affect Millennials’ Career Expectations?
An Exploration into the Recruitment and Retention Strategies of Female Officers at the Calgary Police Service: Are Female Officers Overlooked Within the Promotional Process?