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They've found it.  Can they read it?  Adding academic reading strategies to your IL toolkit.
Reading Through Connections: A phenomenographic study of student connections to scholarly text.
Connections, reflections, and redirections: bridging research and practice in information literacy instruction.
Strategies for integrating information literacy and academic literacy: Helping undergraduate students make the most of scholarly articles.
Mapping library resources - an interactive exercise.
140 Characters in search of a purpose
Self-assessment skills for lifelong learning.
Transdisciplinary or Pedagogically Distinct? Disciplinary Considerations for Teaching Certificates in Higher Education
Using the Decoding the Disciplines Framework for Learning Across the Disciplines
Many paths, one journey: mapping the routes to Information Literacy.
Reflecting, connecting, and redirecting.
Understanding Atrocities: Remembering, Representing and Teaching Genocide
Prompting reflection to enhance learning and teaching.