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Using and Experiencing the Academic Library: A Multi-Site Observational Study of Space and Place
Untapped Opportunities for Mixed Methods in LIS Research
University Rankings: How Well Do They Measure Library Service Quality?
Undergraduate Students' Academic Information and Help-Seeking Behaviours using an Anonymous Facebook Confessions Page
Unconventional classrooms, unconventional methods:  Conducting scholarship of teaching and learning research in places you don't expect
Toward open pragmatism: Developing a revised framework for openness
They've found it.  Can they read it?  Adding academic reading strategies to your IL toolkit.
A Tale of Two Syllabi: Program-integrated information literacy instruction in chemistry and journalism
Sustainable decision making for emerging educational technologies in libraries
Supporting Indigenous Studies Programs Through Sustainable Budget Allocation
Students and Libraries May Benefit from Late Night Hours [Evidence Summary]
Strategies for integrating information literacy and academic literacy: Helping undergraduate students make the most of scholarly articles.
SoTL difference: The value of incorporating SoTL into librarian professional development
Some LIS Faculty Indicate Reservations about Open Access [Evidence Summary]
Self-assessment skills for lifelong learning.
Research as transformational experience
The Representation of Library Value in Extra-Institutional Evaluations of University Quality
Reflecting, connecting, and redirecting.
Reading Through Connections: A phenomenographic study of student connections to scholarly text.
Prompting reflection to enhance learning and teaching.