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They've found it.  Can they read it?  Adding academic reading strategies to your IL toolkit.
Reading Through Connections: A phenomenographic study of student connections to scholarly text.
Program integrated instruction: Putting the pieces together.
Patterns in Information Literacy Instruction: What’s Really Going on in Our Classrooms?
Many paths, one journey : mapping the routes to Information Literacy
Joining (scholarly) Conversations
Information use in natural habitats
Information literacy in chemistry, or knowing how to find out if what you're working with can kill you.
Helping Students Develop Information Skills is Everyone's Business: Examining Information Contexts
From zookeepers to safari guides – The evolution of library instruction.
From zookeepers to safari guides: The changing information environment.
From Passive Consumers to Passionate Creators: Undergraduate students and the research process.
Foreword to Building Teaching and Learning Communities: Creating Shared Meaning and Purpose
Finding the right pieces for your Info Puzzle
Evidence Summary: Undergraduate Students with Strong Tendencies Towards Critical Thinking Experience Less Library Anxiety
Evidence Summary: High School Students Struggle to Find School-Related Information on the Web
Evidence Summary: First Year University Students Arrive with Some Search Skills, But Struggle with Scholarly Sources
Creating Information Literacy Competencies for Psychology Undergraduates