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Nestling and Egg Destruction by House Wrens
Asynchronous polygyny in the house wren (troglodytes aedon)
An Apparent Case of Between-Brood Sibling Competition in Chestnut-collared Longspurs, Calcarius ornatus
Teaching with games: the Minesweeper and Asteroids experience.
‘Science’ vs. ‘Religion’ in Classical Ayurveda
“Like, what am I supposed to do?” Adolescent Girls’ Health Concerns in their Dating Relationships
Mental Health Research and Cultural Dominance: An Analysis of the Social Construction of Knowledge for International Development
Out of the multiple margins: Older women’s experiences of health care
Dāna (Dádiva) em religiões do Sul da Ásia: Pressuposições e o lugar de teorias
Citizen, science, highways, and wildlife: Using a web-based GIS to engage citizens in collecting wildlife information
Fatores que interferem nas lesoes de atletas amadores de voleibol
Evidence Summary: High School Students Struggle to Find School-Related Information on the Web
Human Rights Software: Information Support Solutions For Social Justice
Ritual Theory and Attitudes to Agency in Brazilian Spirit Possession
Umbanda and Hybridity
Evidence Summary: Undergraduate Students with Strong Tendencies Towards Critical Thinking Experience Less Library Anxiety
Evidence Summary: Staffing an Academic Reference Desk with Librarians is not Cost-effective
Many paths, one journey : mapping the routes to Information Literacy
Evidence Summary: Music Information Seeking Behaviour Poses Unique Challenges for the Design of Information Retrieval Systems
The life of the space : evidence from Nova Scotia public libraries