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5 ways to keep human connections when moving learning online due to coronavirus
Mixed methods research in library and information science: A methodological review
Social isolation and exclusion: the parents' experience of caring for children with rare neurodevelopmental disorders
Change Prerequisite and its Impact on Nursing Statistics Course
Open enough? Eight factors to consider when transitioning from closed to open resources and courses: A conceptual framework
A Reading-Writing Assignment Based on Popular Literature To Enhance Learning about Microbiology
“On behalf of the great mass of the public”: The Citizens’ Committee of 1,000, Constituted Authority, and the Capitalist State in the Winnipeg General Strike
No Return Ticket: CBSA Deportation in Canada
Sex Work in Canada: Examining Legal, Moral, and Theoretical Perspectives on the Issues
The Interpretation of Assisted Death Under Section Seven of the Canadian Charter
The Notion Of Criminal Intent: The Evolution Of Mens Rea In Criminal Law
Perceptions of the content and employability value of credentialed teaching certificates
A description of the environmental impacts of mining near Butte, MT via biomonitoring.
Program & Abstracts, 6th Annual Research Day (2019)
A Historical Analysis of the Substantive Principles of Fundamental Justice under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
A Review of Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
Adolescents in Sports: the All-Delinquent Team
Healing Lodges: A Strong Predictor Of Success In Canada & Recommendations Moving Forward
Physiological and cognitive measures during prolonged sitting: Comparisons between a standard and multi-axial office chair
Prospective: A Data-Driven Technique to Predict Web Service Response Time Percentiles