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Relationships and Infidelity in Pornography: An Analysis of Pornography Streaming Websites
Why Read?
Service delivery models for emergency shelters: An annotated bibliography and an environmental scan of shelter-based services for women who experience family violence and addictions
Davidsonian semantic theory and cognitive science of religion
Dog-bites, rabies and One Health: Towards a coordinated agenda for research, policy and practice
Sexual Assault in Alberta
Pornification: A Study Into Young Men’s Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Dating, Sex and Sexual Assault
“‘God(s)’ as a Comparative Category”
Umbanda and Africa
Constitutional Secularization: Religious Pluralism and the Canadian Courts
A umbanda e a glocalização
Self-awareness part 1: Definition, measures, effects, functions, and antecedents.
Self-recognition, theory-of-mind, and self-awareness: What side are you on?
Ritual Theory and Attitudes to Agency in Brazilian Spirit Possession
Umbanda and Hybridity
Dāna (Dádiva) em religiões do Sul da Ásia: Pressuposições e o lugar de teorias
‘Science’ vs. ‘Religion’ in Classical Ayurveda
“Good People with Good Intentions”
Small samples, unreasonable generalizations, and outliers