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Using the Decoding the Disciplines Framework for Learning Across the Disciplines
Using Grounded theory as a method of inquiry : advantages and disadvantages
Using and Experiencing the Academic Library: A Multi-Site Observational Study of Space and Place
The use of scaffolding and interactive learning strategies in online courses for working nurses : implications for adult and online education
Untapped Opportunities for Mixed Methods in LIS Research
University Rankings: How Well Do They Measure Library Service Quality?
University Library
Understanding Belonging and Community Connection for Seniors Living in the Suburbs.
Understanding Atrocities: Remembering, Representing and Teaching Genocide
Undergraduate Students' Academic Information and Help-Seeking Behaviours using an Anonymous Facebook Confessions Page
Undergraduate Student Research
Undergraduate Perceptions of Social Media and Meaning Making: Validated Survey Instrument
Undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of computer based testing
Uncovering Ways of Thinking, Practicing, and Being through Decoding across Disciplines
Unconventional classrooms, unconventional methods:  Conducting scholarship of teaching and learning research in places you don't expect
A umbanda e a glocalização
Umbanda and Hybridity
Umbanda and Africa
Tuning in on tacit knowledge.
Transforming our Learning Experiences through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning