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Technical Aspects of a System for Teaching Aboriginal Languages Using a Game Boy Future Play
Game Communities for Learning : Presentation
Games and Learning Styles
How Are Games Educational? Learning Theories Embodied in Games
All I ever needed to know about programming, I learned from re-writing classic arcade games : Future Play
The Pedagogy of Commercial Video Games
Games for learning : are schools ready for what's to come?
Cutting Edge Research by Undergraduates on a Shoestring?
Are you game? : the future of learning with technology
Reconciling a Traditional Syllabus with an Inquiry-Based Introductory Course
Mental Models: Idea to Un-reality - Challenges in Translating Mental Models into Virtual Ones: Describing What's in Your Head
Grading Programming Assignments Using Rubrics
Measuring the Effectiveness of Constructivist and Behaviourist Assignments in CS102
A Multiple Intelligences Approach to Teaching Number Systems
Assignments that Meet the Needs of Exceptional Students without Disadvantaging the Average
Teaching with games: the Minesweeper and Asteroids experience.
A tool for teaching advanced data structures to computer science students : an overview of the BDP system
An Apparent Case of Between-Brood Sibling Competition in Chestnut-collared Longspurs, Calcarius ornatus
Asynchronous polygyny in the house wren (troglodytes aedon)
Nestling and Egg Destruction by House Wrens