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A linear assignment based conceptual lifecycle assessment method for selecting optimal agri-industrial materials production pathway
Gender bias in student evaluation of teaching or mirage?
Small samples, unreasonable generalizations, and outliers
 Morphology and relationships of the enigmatic stenothecoid pan-brachiopod Stenothecoides
The Need to Act: Incest as a Crime Given Low Priority—A View with India as an Example
Parental perception of neonatal transfers from level 3 to level 2 neonatal intensive care units in Calgary, Alberta
Prior oxygenation, but not chemoreflex responsiveness, determines breath‐hold duration during voluntary apnea
Dietary restrictions in endurance runners to mitigate exercise-induced gastrointestinal symptoms
Simulation in Social Work: Creativity of Students and Faculty during COVID-19
Cosolutes Modify Alkaline Phosphatase Catalysis through Osmotic Stress and Crowding Mechanisms
Towards Secure Fog Computing
Blood glucose concentration is unchanged during exposure to acute normobaric hypoxia in healthy humans
On wide sense stationary processes over finite non-abelian groups
Functional Physical Literacy for Child and Youth Recreation Programming: A Community Response to the 2015 Canadian Recreation Framework
Prospective: A Data-Driven Technique to Predict Web Service Response Time Percentiles
‘It would be much easier if we were just quiet and disappeared’: Parents silenced in the experience of caring for children with rare diseases
Socialization and the Construction of a Professional Identity among Public Relations Students in the United Arab Emirates
Understanding Atrocities: Remembering, Representing and Teaching Genocide
Understanding Belonging and Community Connection for Seniors Living in the Suburbs.