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Gender bias in student evaluation of teaching or mirage?
Development, Responsibility, and the Creation of Urban Hazard Risk
'Scientists don't care about truth anymore'
Small samples, unreasonable generalizations, and outliers
“Good People with Good Intentions”
Perceptions of police professionalisation in British Columbia
“‘God(s)’ as a Comparative Category”
Dāna (Dádiva) em religiões do Sul da Ásia: Pressuposições e o lugar de teorias
A umbanda e a glocalização
The Criminalization of HIV/AIDS
Constitutional Secularization: Religious Pluralism and the Canadian Courts
Sexual Assault in Alberta
Davidsonian semantic theory and cognitive science of religion
Umbanda and Hybridity
Umbanda and Africa
Self-awareness part 1: Definition, measures, effects, functions, and antecedents.
Pornification: A Study Into Young Men’s Attitudes and Beliefs Toward Dating, Sex and Sexual Assault
Understanding Atrocities: Remembering, Representing and Teaching Genocide
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