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Changes in Achilles tendon stiffness and energy cost following a prolonged run in trained distance runners
The effects of increased midsole bending stiffness of sports shoes on muscle-tendon unit shortening and shortening velocity
Can changes in midsole bending stiffness of shoes affect the onset of joint work redistribution during a prolonged run?
Increasing the midsole bending stiffness of shoes alters gastrocnemius medialis muscle function during running
Simulation in Social Work: Creativity of Students and Faculty during COVID-19
“You have to be okay with okay”
Dietary restrictions in endurance runners to mitigate exercise-induced gastrointestinal symptoms
Undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of computer based testing
Procedures of rat in situ skeletal muscle contractile properties
Energy cost of running and Achilles tendon stiffness in man and woman trained runners
Running economy from a muscle energetics perspective
Parental perception of neonatal transfers from level 3 to level 2 neonatal intensive care units in Calgary, Alberta
Perceived stress may mediate the relationship between antenatal depressive symptoms and preterm birth
The Need to Act: Incest as a Crime Given Low Priority—A View with India as an Example
Changes in tendon compliance and muscle energetics of in vivo human skeletal muscle
Sustainable teacher leadership
Consensus for a primary care clinical decision-making tool for assessing, diagnosing, and managing shoulder pain in Alberta, Canada
How Can Biomechanics Improve Physical Preparation and Performance in Paralympic Athletes?
Editorial: The Stretch-Shortening Cycle of Active Muscle and Muscle-Tendon Complex
The responsiveness and validity of the Rotator Cuff Quality of Life (RC-QOL) index in a 2-year follow-up study