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The Virtue of Failure: Designing Games You Can’t Win for Learning
4 pillars of DGBL: a structured rating system for games for learning
Gamification: A Different Paradigm of Pedagogy
Methods of design, an overview of game design techniques
The Search for Meaningful e-Learning at Canadian Universities: A Multi-Institutional Research Study
Nature Teaches Us to Grieve: The place of parks and nature at end of life
Walking Backwards in to the Future: Ensuring the Success of Games for Learning
“Seniors in the Suburbs”: Understanding belonging & community connection - together!
Walking the Talk : Signature Pedagogies and Metateaching in Graduate-Level Education Courses
Planting Seeds of Community Inclusion:  A participatory action community gardening study and horticultural therapy group intervention for seniors at Mount Royal University
The Clark-Kozma Debate in the 21-st Century
Undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of computer based testing
Lost and Finding: Experiences of Newly Graduated Critical Social Workers
Functional Physical Literacy for Child and Youth Recreation Programming: A Community Response to the 2015 Canadian Recreation Framework
Dietary Intakes and Supplement Use in Pre-Adolescent and Adolescent Canadian Athletes
Validation of a maximal incremental skating test performed on a slide board: comparison with treadmill skating
Incremental Testing Design on Slide Board for Speed Skaters: Comparison Between Two Different Protocols
Interfering factors in the impact magnitudes during jump throw landing in handball
The mechanical efficiency of the o soto gari technique when applied to judokas of different heights
A novel incremental slide board test for speed skaters: reliability analysis and comparisons with a cycling test