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Social isolation and exclusion: the parents' experience of caring for children with rare neurodevelopmental disorders
Influence of judoka height when using the seoi nage technique
Qualitative Insights from a Canadian Multi-institutional Research Study: In Search of Meaningful E-learning
Walking the Talk : Signature Pedagogies and Metateaching in Graduate-Level Education Courses
Parental perception of neonatal transfers from level 3 to level 2 neonatal intensive care units in Calgary, Alberta
Critical skating intensity on a slide board: physiological and neuromuscular responses and correlation with performance on ice
Nature Teaches Us to Grieve: The place of parks and nature at end of life
Undergraduate nursing students’ perceptions of computer based testing
The mechanical efficiency of the o soto gari technique when applied to judokas of different heights
Oxygen Uptake and Muscle Deoxygenation Kinetics During Skating: Comparison Between Slide-Board and Treadmill Skating
A novel incremental slide board test for speed skaters: reliability analysis and comparisons with a cycling test
“Like, what am I supposed to do?” Adolescent Girls’ Health Concerns in their Dating Relationships
Incremental Testing Design on Slide Board for Speed Skaters: Comparison Between Two Different Protocols
Fatores que interferem nas lesoes de atletas amadores de voleibol
Highly Relevant Mentoring (HRM) as a Faculty Development Model for Web-­Based Instruction
Walking Backwards in to the Future: Ensuring the Success of Games for Learning
Out of the multiple margins: Older women’s experiences of health care
Using Grounded theory as a method of inquiry : advantages and disadvantages
Motor unit firing frequency of lower limb muscles during an incremental slide board skating test
“You have to be okay with okay”