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Human Rights Software: Information Support Solutions For Social Justice
They've found it.  Can they read it?  Adding academic reading strategies to your IL toolkit.
Finding the right pieces for your Info Puzzle
Reading Through Connections: A phenomenographic study of student connections to scholarly text.
Choices and Consequences in Transitioning from Closed to Open Resources and Courses
Dirty secrets revealed : Journal publishing and marketing, impact factors and access to scholarship
Information use in natural habitats
The Representation of Library Value in Extra-Institutional Evaluations of University Quality
Patterns in Information Literacy Instruction: What’s Really Going on in Our Classrooms?
Open, Get Ready! Public and Academic Libraries' Support for Open Education in Canada
Great Expectations: results from a faculty survey of students’ information literacy proficiency
Using and Experiencing the Academic Library: A Multi-Site Observational Study of Space and Place
Evidence Summary: Music Information Seeking Behaviour Poses Unique Challenges for the Design of Information Retrieval Systems
Evidence summary : an awareness of library patrons’ social styles may play a role in librarians’ satisfaction with the reference interview
From zookeepers to safari guides: The changing information environment.
Evidence Summary: The Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal, and Universal Decimal Classification Systems are Incomplete and Unsystematic
Evidence Summary: Undergraduate Students with Strong Tendencies Towards Critical Thinking Experience Less Library Anxiety
Evidence Summary: High School Students Struggle to Find School-Related Information on the Web
Everything is Shareable: Why Open Educational Resources are Critical to Lifelong Learning and the Sharing Economy
Joining (scholarly) Conversations