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Encouraging CS Novices to Write
Death to Deadlines: A 21st-Century Look at the Use of Deadlines and Late Penalties in Programming Assignments
First principles of CS instruction
Design Paradox: Instructional Games
Digital games as simulations
Evaluating and Revising the Digital Citizenship Scale
Carbon and Nutrient Stoichiometric Relationships in the Soil–Plant Systems of Disturbed Boreal Forest Peatlands within Athabasca Oil Sands Region, Canada
 Morphology and relationships of the enigmatic stenothecoid pan-brachiopod Stenothecoides
Cosolutes Modify Alkaline Phosphatase Catalysis through Osmotic Stress and Crowding Mechanisms
Blood glucose concentration is unchanged during exposure to acute normobaric hypoxia in healthy humans
Towards Secure Fog Computing
Undecidability of Q(2)
U–Pb zircon geochronology and implications of Cambrian plutonism in the Ellsworth belt, Maine
The Integration of a Community Service Learning Water Project in a Post-secondary Chemistry Lab
Case study analysis of reflective essays by chemistry post-secondary students within a lab-based community service learning water project
Prior oxygenation, but not chemoreflex responsiveness, determines breath‐hold duration during voluntary apnea
A linear assignment based conceptual lifecycle assessment method for selecting optimal agri-industrial materials production pathway
A sustainable approach to boosting liquid biofuels production from second generation biomass resources in West Africa
Bounded Bias A-Optimal Designs for Regression Models