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On The Pedagogy of Commercial Video Games
4PEG: A Structured Rating System for Games for Learning
Game Communities for Learning : Presentation
All I ever needed to know about programming, I learned from re-writing classic arcade games : Future Play
Are you game? : the future of learning with technology
Games for encapsulation and promotion of Native Cultures, or, Technical aspects of a system for teaching Aboriginal Languages using a Game Boy
A tool for teaching advanced data structures to computer science students : an overview of the BDP system
Using the Web to support a traditional lecture-based course
Teaching with games: the Minesweeper and Asteroids experience.
The Impact of Game Development in the Undergraduate Curriculum
Serious Games + Computer Science = Serious CS
On the Evolution of Games
Gene Rummy: A Card Game About Mendelian Genetics
Inclusive Curriculum Re-Design in the Social Network Era
Implementing Reigeluth’s Paradigm
On Choosing Games And What Counts as a “Good” Game
An afternoon of play : introduction to video game literacy
Video Game Pedagogy: Good Games = Good Pedagogy
Teaching in a Virtual World
How Games can Enhance Learning & Elearning: There's More to Video Games Than you Think