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Recognizing the Alien: Science Fiction Storyworlds and the Reader’s Reality
Understanding Mental Health, Burnout, and Substance Abuse among Legal Professionals in Canada
Subjugated innocence: Domestic child sexual exploitation in Canada
IndigiComms: Using Decolonization, Power Studies and Indigenous Methods to Inform Postmodern Communications Practice & Scholarship
The Interpretation and Evolution of Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
"No Justice, No Peace": Institutional Culture of Policing & Effects on Minority Groups in Canada
Mr. Big Police Investigations: The Interrogation Trilogy and Charter Implications
An Exploration of the Relationship Between Economic Factors, Economic Recessions, and Spousal Violence
Indispensable Sentencing Tool or Inconsistent Sentencing Technique?
An Investigation Into The Development, Application, And Relevance Of The Infanticide Legislation in Canadian Law
A New Era for Police Reforms
Understanding the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms from a Student’s Perspective
Rethinking Indigenous policing on reservation lands in Canada: Reflections from Australia and the United States
An Exploration of How Rape Myth Acceptance Affects Sexual Assault Trials in Canada
Tangible Change or Deaf Ears?
A Jurisprudential Analysis of the Canadian Defence of Voluntary Intoxication
The Unconstitutionality of Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Indigenous Offenders
Exploring the Prospect of Decriminalizing Illicit Drugs in Canada
Variation in the efficacy of remote cameras used to monitor wildlife
The Development of the Higher Education Relationship Marketing Model