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Human Rights Software: Information Support Solutions For Social Justice
Dirty secrets revealed : Journal publishing and marketing, impact factors and access to scholarship
Scholarship with a Difference: Your Guide to Knowledge Mobilization
Information behaviour of undergraduate students using Facebook Confessions for educational purposes
Sustainable decision making for emerging educational technologies in libraries
Decision Making and Problems of Evidence for Emerging Educational Technologies
Mixed methods research in library and information science: A methodological review
Some LIS Faculty Indicate Reservations about Open Access [Evidence Summary]
Undergraduate Students' Academic Information and Help-Seeking Behaviours using an Anonymous Facebook Confessions Page
Embeddedness Creates Opportunities for Enhanced Library Liaison Services and Relationships [Evidence Summary]
Students and Libraries May Benefit from Late Night Hours [Evidence Summary]
LIS Practitioner-focused Research Trends Toward Open Access Journals, Academic-focused Research Toward Traditional Journals [Evidence Summary]
Early career researchers demand full-text and rely on Google to find scholarly sources [Evidence Summary]
LIS Periodicals Contain a Low Percentage of Articles that Qualify as Research [Evidence Summary]
Open Access Complements Interlibrary Loan Services, but Additional User Education is Needed [Evidence Summary]
Editors View the Continuous Publication Model as a Satisfactory Alternative for Open Access LIS Journals [Evidence Summary]