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"A Real Double-Edged Sword:" Undergraduate Perceptions of Social Media in their Learning
From Digital Natives to Digital Literacy: Anchoring Digital Practices through Learning Design
Decision Making and Problems of Evidence for Emerging Educational Technologies
Undergraduate Students' Academic Information and Help-Seeking Behaviours using an Anonymous Facebook Confessions Page
The Digital Native Debate in Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Literature
3 Things to Consider When Designing Remote Teaching
The Clark-Kozma Debate in the 21-st Century
Walking Backwards in to the Future: Ensuring the Success of Games for Learning
Information behaviour of undergraduate students using Facebook Confessions for educational purposes
Gamification: A Different Paradigm of Pedagogy
The Invention of Good Games: Understanding Learning Design in Commercial Videogames
Exploring Undergraduate Perceptions of Meaning Making and Social Media in their Learning
Social media in undergraduate learning: categories and characteristics
Are Adult Educators and Learners ‘Digital Immigrants’? Examining the Evidence and Impacts for Continuing Education