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The Digital Native Debate in Higher Education: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Literature
Decision Making and Problems of Evidence for Emerging Educational Technologies
From Digital Natives to Digital Literacy: Anchoring Digital Practices through Learning Design
"A Real Double-Edged Sword:" Undergraduate Perceptions of Social Media in their Learning
Walking Backwards in to the Future: Ensuring the Success of Games for Learning
Information behaviour of undergraduate students using Facebook Confessions for educational purposes
Gamification: A Different Paradigm of Pedagogy
The Invention of Good Games: Understanding Learning Design in Commercial Videogames
Undergraduate Students' Academic Information and Help-Seeking Behaviours using an Anonymous Facebook Confessions Page
Sustainable decision making for emerging educational technologies in libraries
Exploring Undergraduate Perceptions of Meaning Making and Social Media in their Learning
Are Adult Educators and Learners ‘Digital Immigrants’? Examining the Evidence and Impacts for Continuing Education
The Clark-Kozma Debate in the 21-st Century
Social media in undergraduate learning: categories and characteristics