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Casting a Wider Net - searching for SoTL in all the right places, and organizing what you find.
What students want you to know about conducting SoTL research
Unconventional classrooms, unconventional methods:  Conducting scholarship of teaching and learning research in places you don't expect
Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2015-16 Annual Report
Opening up textbooks and students’ reading habits
Power, Voice, and Positionality
Conceptualizing and communicating SoTL : a framework for the field
Conscious Connections: Phenomenology and Decoding the Disciplines
From Passive Consumers to Passionate Creators: Undergraduate students and the research process.
SoTL^2: Inquiring into the Impact of Inquiry
Strategies for integrating information literacy and academic literacy: Helping undergraduate students make the most of scholarly articles.
Connections, reflections, and redirections: bridging research and practice in information literacy instruction.
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning : minding the gap
Decoding ourselves : an inquiry into faculty learning  about reciprocity in service-learning
Building Bridges from the Decoding Interview to Teaching Practice
Using the Decoding the Disciplines Framework for Learning Across the Disciplines
Uncovering Ways of Thinking, Practicing, and Being through Decoding across Disciplines
Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2011-12 Annual Report
Learning from Decoding across Disciplines and within Communities of Practice
2013 Symposium on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Conference Program