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5 ways to keep human connections when moving learning online due to coronavirus
Social isolation and exclusion: the parents' experience of caring for children with rare neurodevelopmental disorders
Critical skating intensity on a slide board: physiological and neuromuscular responses and correlation with performance on ice
A Historical Analysis of the Substantive Principles of Fundamental Justice under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Perceptions of the content and employability value of credentialed teaching certificates
Why Calgary Isn't Métis Territory: Jigging Towards an Ethic of Reciprocal Visiting
The Interpretation of Assisted Death Under Section Seven of the Canadian Charter
No Return Ticket: CBSA Deportation in Canada
Healing Lodges: A Strong Predictor Of Success In Canada & Recommendations Moving Forward
Prospective: A Data-Driven Technique to Predict Web Service Response Time Percentiles
Sex Work in Canada: Examining Legal, Moral, and Theoretical Perspectives on the Issues
‘It would be much easier if we were just quiet and disappeared’: Parents silenced in the experience of caring for children with rare diseases
A Review of Intimate Partner Violence in Canada
The Notion Of Criminal Intent: The Evolution Of Mens Rea In Criminal Law
Measuring the Effectiveness of Visual Narrative Illustrations for Learning Pathophysiology Concepts
Socialization and the Construction of a Professional Identity among Public Relations Students in the United Arab Emirates
A Reading-Writing Assignment Based on Popular Literature To Enhance Learning about Microbiology
Change Prerequisite and its Impact on Nursing Statistics Course
Development of a questionnaire to assess dietary restrictions runners use to mitigate gastrointestinal symptoms
Adolescents in Sports: the All-Delinquent Team