About the repository

The Mount Royal Open Access Repository (MROAR) is a digital showcase of the research, scholarship, effective teaching materials, and other intellectual contributions of the MRU community, as well as materials from our University Archives and Special Collections. We aim to collect, preserve, promote, and provide free and open access to these resources for researchers and learners everywhere.

Mount Royal community members interested in archiving their contributions in the repository are invited to please visit the IR information page for more information and to view submission instructions.

The repository is maintained by the University Library on behalf of Mount Royal University.

Terms of Use

The following terms govern use of the repository. Please contact us with questions.

Eligibility: Who May deposit?
Acquisition & Content Guidelines
Deposit Support Statement
Metadata Statement
Preservation Statement
Withdrawal and Takedown Statement
Creative Commons License


Eligibility: Who May deposit?


Faculty, staff, or other employees with an active MRU networking ID may deposit items into an appropriate collection within the repository. Students may deposit their undergraduate research theses or other approved major projects into the collection designated for undergraduate research. Others should contact us to determine if their content is in scope for this service. All deposits are moderated by the repository administrators.


Acquisition & Content Guidelines


The repository collects and makes accessible materials related to research, scholarship, and teaching and learning that are created at, for, or by Mount Royal University, its faculty, students, employees, community, and its partners and affiliates.

The repository provides an open access environment for researchers to self-archive and share their research, and enables compliance with the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications and other funder mandates.

Research materials and datasets, learning materials, significant institutional documentation, or collections from MRU-hosted events (e.g., conferences, symposia, etc.) are likely candidates. Deposited items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Books/book chapters
  • Conference and workshop presentations and posters
  • Datasets, typically associated with a related research publication
  • Journal articles and manuscripts, including pre-prints, post-prints, and final published versions
  • Learning objects
  • Reports, reviews, working papers, and other grey literature
  • Research materials, such as an images, field notebooks, etc., that don't fall into the other categories
  • Teaching materials

The Mount Royal University Archives and Special Collections also deposits digitized versions of items or digital records from its holdings, which may include photographs, textual records, maps, architectural plans, or audio/video recordings.


Deposit Support Statement


The University Library provides assistance and support on using the repository, including a mediated deposit service. Our team will:

  • Assist you with the deposit of your items;
  • Deposit items on your behalf;
  • Determine if your material is appropriate for deposit;
  • Ensure your content meets repository, copyright, and publisher requirements;
  • Work to help you understand and meet funding agency mandates and requirements.


Metadata Statement


Each item in the repository will include metadata providing information about the item and its contents, and depositors are encouraged to provide rich metadata when submitting items. Repository administrators reserve the right to correct, improve, or enhance metadata quality to allow for optimal description, access, dissemination, and preservation of content.

Anyone may access repository metadata at any time. Metadata harvesting to collect and store system-level and item-level metadata is permitted through the OAI-PMH interface, and metadata re-use for non-commercial and commercial purposes is permitted provided that links to to the repository or full-text items are maintained.


Preservation Statement


Items will be retained for the life of the repository. Repository administrators will try to ensure continued readability and accessibility of content, though it may not be possible to guarantee durability for file formats. Repository content is regularly archived using current best practices. The University is not responsible for the loss of any deposited files.


Withdrawal and Takedown Statement


The removal of an item from the repository once it is deposited is generally discouraged. However, items will be temporarily withdrawn (made private) from the repository at the request of the author/creator/copyright holder until a final determination is made to remove or restore the item. Repository administrators will permanently remove items that are demonstrated to violate copyright, privacy, or legal requirements.


Creative Commons License


Depositors will have the option to choose a Creative Commons license to assign to their items, allowing you to release some of the rights you have under copyright legislation, specify whether you allow commercial uses of your item, or indicate whether you allow modification and re-use of your item. Items deposited on your behalf will be assigned a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license, unless another license is

  1. already assigned to that item, or;
  2. requested by the author/creator/copyright holder at the time of deposit.